Thursday, December 8, 2016

War for the flags!


“Can everyone please go line up and wait for Room seven,” Mr Lindsay instructed.
“Mr Lindsay Room seven aren't in their class!” someone from the class yelled out
“Then we’ll meet them on the field or court,” Mr Lindsay replied.
As we walked passed the office through the court someone yelled out “Mr Lindsay! Room seven are in their class!”
“Can someone please go get them and hurry please!” Mr Lindsay pointed out.
As he finished his sentence room seven started flooding out of the room one, by one, until Miss Hadwin stepped out and locked the door.

As we walked to the old playground in the school grounds everyone was talking trying to find partners “Why is everyone trying to find partners? I might not even get everyone to get into partners,” Mr Lindsay stopped “I might choose different. So please sit down and I’ll tell you,”
Everyone stopped and then just sat down. We were in our team’s eight vs seven, I was in group eight (the numbers represent our class numbers). As the whistle blew everyone went forward to the middle and two went to guard the jail. The opposite team was distracted by some of team eight who went for the flag, he was going to run back until he noticed that he was surrounded by half of the seven’s team “Mr Lindsay there goose guarding!” shouted someone from one of the team eight. Team seven backed away slowly, not taking their eyes off the ball. When room seven were far away he ran through everyone, side stepping and dodging he finally passed the cones in the middle, “We have one score Mr Lindsay!” everyone in team eight roared out in happiness.
“One, zero!” Wailed Mr Lindsay.

Both teams got back into formation, but they had determination in there eye’s, some of the students bodies were tense. Waiting for one of the two teachers to tell them to start “Go!” When Mr Lindsay said that it was like war, students started running through the cones. “One all!” “Last round for the day!” All the students got back onto their teams sides. As the whistle blew the process repeated once again, but it was more slower than our previous rounds ‘There probably less active because of using up most of their energy in the previous rounds.‘
I choose to spectate the third round.

Mishaela waved at me, she walked up to me and stopped right next to me “Saph! What’cha doing?”
“Just watching everyone play the game. What are you doing?”
“Same thing your doing.” As we watched everyone run around Room 8 scored the third point making them the winners of the game.
Both of the classes were sitting around the teachers (Mr Lindsay and Miss Hadwin) waiting for their next instructions from the teachers “The winning scores are 2 - 1! So the winning group is Room 8,”
“Mr Lindsay can we play another round?”

“No we have to go back to class because we have to mark the algebra sheets.”

This is all writing that I just wanted to do it was in my mind for a while so I wanted to write it down on the Chromebook before it left my mind.

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