Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The true story of the three little pigs. Report

We read/watched a story and decided that we should make a report. So enjoy!

Title of story: The true story of the three little pigs.
The bad guy/girl: The bad person is Alexander Wolf / A. Wolf
What he did wrong in the story:
1- He broke the first pigs door,
2- He entered the house uninvited,
3- He blew the house down,
4- He killed the first little pig without even knowing it,
5- He ate the first little pig,
6- He killed the second little pig by accident,
7- He blew down the second little piggies house,
8- He ate the second little pig,
9- He tried to blow down the third pig’s house down only to fail,
10- He climbed through the chimney,
11- He fall into a pot,
12- He was cooked alive.
The wolf’s excuses for his actions:
1- He only wanted sugar (the reason for his journey),
2- He had a cold (the sneezes),
3- He didn’t want to waste perfect pork (the reason he ate the pigs),
4- The third little pig made fun of his gran (the reason he was knocking on the door trying to break it),
5- He was framed.
Any other excuses that you might have for his actions:
1- The pigs were rude so he ate them (the first ignored him and the second was just plain rude)
2-He wanted to see what happened if straws and sticks were blown into the sky,
3- He had allergies to the straw and sticks and on the third pig’s house the allergies triggered
Reflection: I think I did great and it turned out like how I wanted it.

WALT: Identify key elements in a story.

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